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All Hands In
All Hands In

Partner with us! 

Unlock the full potential of your business with a payments partner that puts you first. Explore our site to learn more and let's magnify your business together!

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Referral Partners

Magnify Payments has a large referral partner channel consisting of Financial Institutions, Software Vendors, Chambers of Commerce, Associations, Buying Groups, Web Developers, and more.

Magnify Payments takes a unique approach to our partner relationships allowing our partners to fulfill as much or as little of the responsibility in managing the merchants they refer. We have a proven system that has leveraged our many relationships by using our business model to help our partners grow their business.

Here are just some of the benefits of partnering with Magnify Payments:


Add additional residual, and largely passive, income through existing relationships


The Magnify Payments team has created mutually beneficial relationships, which result in a true win/win for our partners and for their customers/members. 


Magnify Payments has earned its reputation as an honest, trusted, and cost effective payments partner


Our team will work with you to develop program to address the unique needs of your association and its membership

Interested in exploring a Referral Partnership? Please fill out the Contact Us below and a team member will contact you shortly.

ISOs & Agents

Partner with Magnify Payments and let us help you reduce customer attrition, close more deals and grow your residuals.

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As an ISO or independent agent, you are faced with 3 primary questions…Magnify Payments can help you answer them all:


How Can I/We Attract More New Business?

By partnering with Magnify Payments, and gaining access to a robust offering of cutting-edge tools and solutions, not offered by their current provider. You’ll have multiple channels to offer as a "foot in the door", which can earn trust and more business.


How can I/we better retain current business?

With Magnify Payments’ diverse offering of services, products and solutions, you can reduce attrition by enhancing account "stickiness". Meaning when you are providing multiple levels of service, your customers are more loyal!


How Can I/We Generate Additional Revenue From These Accounts?

By partnering with Magnify Payments, you gain access to a robust offering of services to market to your customers/prospects. Cast a wider net to accelerate and grow your residuals!

Do you have merchants that have been declined through your normal low-risk channels?

Don't forget about our High Risk division! Bring them to Magnify Payments and share in the revenue generated!

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