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Eliminate Merchant Processing Fees

With Magnify's SlashPay program

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How it works

Experience the benefits of                               and say goodbye to hefty merchant processing fees! 

How? by doing something other businesses have been doing for years -- Offering their customers the choice of a cash price and a card price. Our compliant Dual Pricing program is designed to slash one of your businesses biggest expenses AND return the savings back to you!

Want to learn more?


The Transaction Process

Businesses of ALL kinds can use SlashPay!

Zero Waste Store


Restaurants and retail businesses that still operate from a brick and mortar store need to be able to accepts all forms of payment safely, securely, and compliantly. We offer a wide variety of terminals, POS systems + more! ​

Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms


Whether you are generating invoices, accepting online payments, or processing transactions over the phone - our range of gateway integrations has you fully covered!

Food Truck Payment


Accept credit card payments anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or mobile device. Magnify Payments makes it easy for you to swipe/tap card payments, and email/text receipts instantly. You can manage your business anywhere. anytime. 

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Customer statement BEFORE SlashPay

Customer statement AFTER SlashPay

You'll believe it when you see it! 

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Dual Pricing Slashpay Landing Page Statement.png

Daryl T, CED

Daryl Proof, LLC

“Our customers love having the options to choose and appreciate the transparency of SlashPay. Most places I see have raised their prices across the board. This way, our cash paying customers still get rewarded. "
Happy Customer

Eugene H, Owner

Quickn Chickn, LLC

"I'd recommend all businesses give it a try. The difference for our customers between a 'cash' price and a 'card' price is relatively small on each order. But the savings to your business... now THAT is significant. 
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