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Simplify your

your Profits!

Experience it yourself.

What We Do

Let's talk about how Magnify Payments can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Best-In-Class Solutions

Magnify Payments has distinguished itself in the payments industry by connecting best-in-class Solutions with uncompromising Honesty, Integrity, Reliability and Accessibility

Payment Processing

We process all forms of electronic transactions-credit, debit, electronic check, electronic funds transfer and alternative payments.

Financing Services

We offer consumer financing services for a wide variety of merchant types, along with a host of other services.

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What We Offer

Solutions for an ever-changing and evolving payments landscape.

Low Risk Solutions

Additional Solutions

ATM, Custom Gift Card Program, Consumer Financing. Learn more.

High Risk Solutions

Wide variety of tools and solutions to match your unique needs. Learn more.

Other Offerings

Web Development (E-Commerce/SEO), Marketing and Merchandizing, Payroll Service and more

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Why Magnify Payments?

Simply put, Magnify Payments solves the puzzle of the complex payments landscape.

Experience the Magnify Payments Difference:

At Magnify Payments, we're dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that meet our customers' unique needs with unparalleled speed and efficiency. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to a merchant-centric approach, ensuring that our customers receive personalized support and solutions that empower their business growth.

Get in touch with us

"Simplify your payments.

                   MAGNIFY your profits!"

There are many payment processing companies to choose from, but there’s only one Magnify Payments.


Today's payments landscape is ever-changing and evolving Merchants need a partner that:

  •  Understands and simplifies this complex   landscape

  •  Is readily accessible and always responsive   to merchant needs

  •  Deals honestly and openly with merchants

  •  Combines deep industry knowledge with a     robust offering of the latest tools and   technologies

Partner with Us


Referral Partners

Are you an association/trade group, a financial institution or a business service looking to add value to your business relationships?

  • If so, you may be interested in becoming a Magnify Payments Referral Partner. Our flexible referral partnership program provides:​​​

    • The potential to generate a significant revenue stream from your current customer/member base.​

    • Provide more value and enhanced loyalty with your existing customers/members

Grow your business and earn additional revenue faster by referring your customers to Magnify Payments.

Are you an ISO or agent looking to add tools, resources and solutions to your portfolio, which help differentiate yourself from your competition?

Some of the benefits to our ISOs & Agents include:

  • Ability to generate extra revenue and enhance ‘stickiness’ with current customers through one (or more) of our innovative solutions, designed to compliment your existing service

  • Offer our strong value-add propositions for prospective customers

Do you have merchants that have been declined through your normal low-risk channels?

  • Bring them to Magnify Payments and share in the revenue generated!

Reduce customer attrition, close more deals and grow your residuals…

ISOs & Agents


Our Mission

To be recognized as the premier payments provider in the industry. Our strengths will be delivering innovative solutions, spearheaded by a dedicated team.

To offer customers clear, honest and transparent pricing.

To provide solutions that enhance overall value, not just reduced costs.

To always listen to our customers and deliver a solution(s) that will custom-fit each merchant based on their industry and customer demographics.


Contact Us


125 Enterprise Dr, Suite 210

Pittsburgh, PA 15275





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